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Carpet Cleaning Henderson NV

About Us, Carpet Care Systems of Henderson, NV

Carpet Care Systems is your trusted source for professional carpet and upholstery cleaning solutions. Our trained and experienced carpet cleaning technicians will be with you every step of the way. Not only that. They will clean your carpet using our award-winning carpet cleaning methods that have proven to restore the original beauty of your carpet.

Carpet Care Systems has served the people of Henderson, NV proudly and diligently. We continue to provide high quality and timely services to our customers.

Thanks to our powerful truck mounted cleaning system, our technicians have been able to remove stubborn stains, dust mites and odors. As a result, our carpet cleaning Henderson NV has upheld its high standards of professional excellence.

Looking for a Henderson carpet cleaning company that is licensed, has a dedicated team of well trained and experienced technicians and able to clean your carpet, rugs or upholstery? Call Carpet Care Systems of Henderson today, we guarantee our services and have great reviews to back up our performance!

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Carpet Protector & Stain Removal

Carpet Care Systems has cultivated an effective method of cleaning carpets, rugs and upholstery that not only restores the original beauty of the carpet but also the original feel of the fibers. Our technicians use carpet protector, an effective method that protects the fibers of your carpet and acts as a stain protector.

With our solution, cleaning fresh stains of your carpet is now easier than ever. Next time you hire carpet cleaning Henderson NV experts, ask for the fabric protector. Once it’s applied, your home will remain cleaner, fresher and brighter, for longer. The fabric protector is formulated to protect your carpet, rugs and upholstery against oil and water based stains. Furthermore, it allows carpets to resist staining and stay cleaner for longer. This solution is very effective against soft drinks, juices and frozen fruit treats.

Pet Stain & Odor Removal Service & Process

We all love our pets – dogs and cats – dearly. Spending time with them makes us happy and relaxed. Here is the problem. When playing outdoors, their paws and fur pick up dirt which stains the carpet, rugs and upholstery once they settle in the home. There are times when pets find it easier to relieve themselves on your carpet rather than outside in the cold night. If this habit continues, your carpet will start producing an odor. Contact carpet cleaners Henderson NV for efficient pet stain removal.

Step One – Detection of Pet Stains: Urine is largely composed of salt, water and other body wastes. To detect its presence, our trained carpet cleaning Henderson NV technicians use ultra violet light. They will start by sweeping over the carpet, then the rugs and finally your upholstery. Each affected area will be identified making cleaning to be a breeze.

Step Two – Pretreatment of Pet Stains: As the best carpet cleaners in Henderson NV, we have formulated a protein digesting solution that is effective in breaking protein present in urine. Our technicians apply the protein digesting solution as a pet stain pretreatment exercise. This makes it easy to remove pet urine stains.

Step Three – Application of Special Enzyme Cleaners: After pretreatment of your carpet, rugs and upholstery, our experienced Henderson carpet cleaning technicians will proceed by applying special enzyme cleaners. The cleaning solution is formulated to break down and digest pet urine stains. Furthermore, it helps to destroy the bacteria renowned for producing bad odor. This makes removal of both urine stains and the odor much easier.

Carpet Cleaners Henderson NV

Do You Have Stubborn Stains?

Stubborn stains are quite common in homes. This is because pets are attracted to their previous stains. If this continues unnoticed, a vicious cycle will be created making it difficult for your pet to relieve itself anywhere else. Just as the name suggests, stubborn stains are not easy to remove especially with DIY home cleaning solutions.

Our technicians have devised an effective and efficient method for those seeking pet stain removal in Henderson, Nevada. First, your carpet will be removed providing an opportunity for the replacement of the pad and tack strip. The floor will be treated together with the carpet’s underside. Once the carpet is dry, it will be re-installed finally completing the pet stain removal procedure.

Want to make your home pet urine stain and odor free? Choose Carpet Care Systems of Henderson today!
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Healthy Risks of Filthy Carpets and Floors

Allergies: Dirty carpets, rugs and upholstery provide a great breeding ground for microscopic pests like dust mites. These pests have been found to be the main cause of allergic reactions not only at home but at the office too. Symptoms associated with the allergic reactions include sneezing and headaches.

Skin Infection and Irritation: Coming into contact with bacteria infested carpet, upholstery or rugs could lead to rashes, skin asthma and itching. This can be avoided easily. Contact Carpet Care Systems of Henderson today!

Respiratory Problems : Dirty carpets, rugs and upholstery result in the buildup of bacteria and allergens. Living in such a home will heighten respiratory problems among family members.

Bad Indoor Air Quality : As said earlier, dirty carpets harbor microbes known to destroy the quality of indoor air. As a result, occupants will start to elicit respiratory problems brought about by mold and bacteria. The elderly and children may end up contacting other diseases too.

Increased Stress: Exposing your family or employees to a room with dirty carpet, rugs and upholstery will result in higher stress levels. As a result, your family or employees will be susceptible to diseases.

About Henderson, Nevada

The City of Henderson is located southeast of Las Vegas. As the second largest city in Nevada, it is part of the Las Vegas metropolitan area. The city was ranked America’s second safest city in 2011 by Forbes magazine. Bloomberg Business Week ranked the city as one of the best to live in America.

History: During World War II, the City of Henderson was founded after the setup of the Basic Magnesium Plant. The plant became the main supplier of magnesium all over United States. Named as the “miracle metal,” it was supplied to the US War Department and used in the making of munitions casing, airplane engines and frames. This was after it was used to strengthen aluminum.

Popular Things to do in Henderson, Nevada: If you love the outdoors, visit the following attractions in Henderson: Lion Habitat ranch, Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve, Lake Las Vegas, River Mountain Loop Trail, Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area, Cornerstone Park, Bowl of Fire and McCullough Hills Trail. You can also book sightseeing tours and get to see important landmarks all over Henderson and the Las Vega valley. Sightseeing services are offered by Sky Combat Ace, Big Horn Wild West Tours, Action Tours Las Vegas and Epic Vegas Events.

Demographics: The city was incorporated in 1953. It has a population of 257,729 (as of 2010 census) and an estimated population of 292,969 (as of 2016) where 5.6% of the population lives below poverty line.

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